Weddings Past And Present

So You Are Getting Married However
Do You Know The History Behind Weddings. The History Is Full Of Information That Helps To Make Sense About Weddings.The Explanation Of The Gifts The Guests How It Became That Fathers Pay For Their Daughters Weddings
And Why The Bride Stands To The Left Of Their Fiance During The Ceremony Has Some History. History That Offers Both Informative And Fun Details Of How It All Began.

Obviously Weddings Have Evolved Quite A Lot From What They Once Were And Continue To Do So Everyday. ForInstance
The First Records Found At Weddings Occurred Over 4400 Years Ago.Thats Right
4400 Years Ago And The Historians Believe That Any Time Before That People Did Not Get Married .In Fact
A Family Was Formed By Groups Of 30 Different Individuals Forming A Group.

The First Recorded Use Of Exchanging Wedding Bands Was In Egypt Around 2800Bc. In 860 Ad Pope NicholasI
Decrees A Requirement Of An Engagement Ring Being Offered Before Intending To Marry. Today
However Many People Become Engaged Without An Engagement Ring And Sometimes Married Without An Exchange Of Rings At All.

Some Cultures Do Not Use Engagement Rings They Actually Use What Is Called Bride Price. A Bride Price Is When Money Or Property Is Given To The Brides Parents As A Gesture Of Love And Sincerity. Bride Price Is Common InPhoenix Wedding Photographers Both Rural And Urban China Thailand Turkey AndIran. In FactIran Has The Highest Percentage Of Bride Price Use With 99% Of Men And Their Families Still Using Bride Price Before Their Weddings.

When Weddings Occur Today
Most Guests And Families Offer Gifts Such As Household Needs Money
And Even Homes. Although
ItIs Common To Receive These Gifts
Could You Imagine Receiving Cities That Is Exactly What CharlesIi Of England Gave To Queen Luisa Of Portugal For A Gift.The Two Cities Were Tangiers In Morocco And Bombay In India
Whoever Owns These Cities Today Would Be The Richest Person In The World. If Cities Are Not Something You Are Interested In Then How Does A 95 Carat Diamond
A 34 Carat Emerald And A 32 Grain Pearl On A Chain Of Gold Sound To Good To Be True No
In 1908 Evelyn Walsh Maclean Received What Was Called The Star Of The East. Currently That Type Of Gift Has A Value Of Over 3 700 000.

Gift Giving After Wedding Ceremonies Begin In 16th Century France.The Practice Of Giving Gifts Begin From Couples That Had The Means To Give Expensive Gifts Such As Gold And Gems. Other Couples That Did Not Have That Type Of Wealth Would Give Constructed Lace And Ribbons Called Love Knots To The Married Couple.

Just As Gifts Started After The Ceremony
So Did The Honeymoon. Newlyweds Would Drink Honey Wine Throughout A Full Moon Cycle After Weddings. Making That Their Honeymoon. Creating The Meaning To The Word Honeymoon.

As It Shows Weddings Have Changed In More Ways Than Anyone Could Imagine Including the way you capture these moments. Th Professionals wedding Photographers have changed the way these moments are captured. There Are Some Facts That Have Not Changed Completely. Standing On The Left Side Of A Groom Is Still Practiced
Even Though The Groom No Longer Needs His Right Hand Free To Fight Off Other Suitors. More so
The Original Reason That The Best Man Was Introduced IntoThe Ceremony Was To Help Capture The Bride. By Capturing The Bride The Best Man Was To Keep The Hostile Family Away During The Ceremony. As Strange As It Sounds
Capturing The Bride Was A Practice Around The World.

History Shows Us That Weddings Can Be Anything You Wish It To Be. Eloping
A Conventional Ceremony Or A Unique Ceremony Is Entirely Up To The Couples And Their Beliefs. Weddings Are Magical Regardless Of How The Ceremony Is Done. Weddings Have Had The Same Magic Thousands Of Years Ago.

TheMagicBeginsWhenThe ProposalIs Accepted As Marriages Today Are Made For Laughter
Love And Loyalty Being Shared With Whomever The Couple Invites To Bear Witness To Their Love. Weddings Have Been Celebrated In Different Ways And Continue To Have No Right Or Wrong Way Of Celebrating. Just As History Shows
Weddings Are Ultimately Owned By The Couple.